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training and certifications iahss org - why become certified iahss has a proven track record in addressing the complex needs of healthcare security and safety professionals iahss certification is the best means to ensure that you and your staff understand and can implement the important security and safety functions within your healthcare facility on both a daily basis and when the unexpected occurs, iahss basic traing manual and study guide for healthcare - iahss basic traing manual and study guide for healthcare security officers kenneth e christian russell l colling evelyn f meserve on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, hospital association of southern california - lead academy is an intensive six day 12 module training experience using innovative tools and experiential learning to empower recently hired newly appointed or previously untrained health care leaders to better understand and use their strengths, active shooter drill resources hospital association of - the hasc security and safety committee held a drill at lac usc medical center in march 2013 that included front line hospital administrative and clinical staff as well as law enforcement and first responder agencies, second city works the feed - an innovative approach the washington post examined how an increasing number of workplaces are relying on new methods to tackle anti harassment training