Jeb Bush Outed Who He Really Is And Why He Should Never Be President -

george w bush jr the dark side realchange org - bush jr s skeleton closet george bush likes to present himself as a straight talking regular guy but it s an act regular guys don t go to andover prep yale and harvard business school and straight talking guys don t pretend to be regular guys after growing up in one of the most privileged homes in world history, the trumpet hillary is 44 from premier pro hillary - the trumpet hillary is 44 from premier pro hillary clinton website in 2007 to strong president trump support website in 2017, who will come out in 2015 chace crawford colin morgan - r48 louis going back on his recent vitriolic rant i doubt it he said he s straight and after the filth that he tweeted i don t want him to be, i m the one who outed jack yantis killers last week here - previous bombshell deputy accused in jack yantis killing is an fbi trained sniper was previously sued for roughing up 79 year old time to name the idaho sheriffs 11 30 15 4 00am pacific time update idaho sheriff releases names of two killer cops 13 hours after bombshell expose outed them on independent website libertyfight com 2nd update 12 3 15 wow wife of deputy who killed jack, breaking robert mueller s criminal past reveals he s - now that even some leading democrats have begun to question the idea that donald trump and moscow somehow colluded in order to win the 2016 election the whole purpose of a special counsel seems moot furthermore given robert mueller s past one must wonder why he s even allowed to investigate president trump back in 2006 the, benjamin fulford reports antimatrix collection nwo - the truth for sale how to fight the evil and make some money on it too the truth for sale how to fight the evil and make some money on it too, byron york ponders the flynn puzzle question the last - in a curious article tonight byron york presents an odd dynamic surrounding the michael flynn lie narrative york points out that in march 2017 james comey told a closed session of congress that he didn t think michael flynn lied to fbi investigators yet in december 2017 flynn accepted a plea therein, blow by blow totalitarian new world order s war on freedom - if libya can do it why not israel us uk israeli policies have been designed to ensure that if there is all out war in the middle east israel will win taking over vast amounts of territory and natural resources, immigrationcourtside com musings on events in u s - overstays can be removed quickly when they have been apprehended many of them come under the provisions of the visa waiver program vwp which allows eligible nationals from 38 vwp countries to enter the united states for 90 days as nonimmigrant visitors for business or pleasure without a visa if a vwp alien does not leave at the end of his admission period he can be sent home on the order, why modern leftists are fascists return of kings - jon is a part time misanthrope full time american jon loathes modern academia art culture literature politics television and everything on god s green earth that has been inundated with boring predictable impotent vapid cultural marxist horseshit which mind you is totally void of a single individual thought, in march 2016 carter page was an fbi employee in october - not true they bugged ztrump tower and and listened in on all of his conversations when he was trying and listened to all of his conversations until admiral rogers walked into trump tower and told president elect trump his offices were bugged and he needed to be moved immediately periods thank god for patriots and our government there are so many people who are not corrupt i ll be so happy, dave s world neaca inc c d petronis inc - ever have that really great day planned by david petronis some days i don t even want to get out of bed but on this recent friday morning i woke up and was just ready to go, barack obama s review of william ayers book zomblog - obama is not running to change government he s running for overthrow government ayers wins, the military s new microwave heat ray gun we can shoot - we can shoot first and ask questions later normally you can t do that military spokesman while originally designed for military application the pentagon denies these microwave active denial systems were ever used in the mid east theater of war, top economic forecaster warns have cash on hand to - should the system buckle we can expect widespread rioting panic and confusion