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pistis sophia the gnostic tradition of mary magdalene - pistis sophia the gnostic tradition of mary magdalene jesus and his disciples g r s mead on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a document of paramount historical importance not only in terms of christianity but also with respect to the development of western religion it chronicles the teachings of jesus, pistis sophia a coptic gnostic text with commentary - pistis sophia a coptic gnostic text with commentary desiree hurtak dr j j hurtak ph d on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the coptic gnostic narrative theme which attempts to explain the dilemma of humanity s predicament as a realm of intelligence amidst many realms of life, gospel of mary wikipedia - papyrus berolinensis 8502 also known as the akhmim codex also contains the apocryphon of john the sophia of jesus christ and a summary of the act of peter all four works contained in the manuscript are written in the sahidic dialect of coptic two other fragments of the gospel of mary have been discovered since both written in greek papyrus oxyrhynchus l 3525 and papyrus rylands 463, saint mary magdalene the knights templar the tradition - s aint mary magdalene the new testament disciple and supporter of jesus is a saint of the catholic orthodox anglican and lutheran churches honoured as a heroine of the faith by protestant churches in addition to being a canonized saint in southern france and throughout much of europe mary magdalene was venerated as a gnostic apostle by the tradition known as the cult of mary, the gospel of mary magdalene the nazarene way - mary magdalene was chosen by our lord as a type of the church and would be one of the first fruits taken to be with her lord she was the constant companion of iesus ministry to him she ministered of her substance she anointed him for his ministry and for his burial she was the last at the cross and the first at the tomb and to her alone he gave the commission go tell peter and, the gnostic society lecture schedule - support your gnostic society and ecclesia click and add this amazon com bookmark to your favorites internet explorer and firefox use our link when you go to amazon com you get the same low amazon prices and we receive a small commission that supports our non profit efforts, the gnostic catechism the gnosis archive resources on - a gnostic catechism what a preposterous idea and a contradiction in terms to boot such and similar objections are likely to be forthcoming in response to the present effort the word catechism readily conjures up visions of dogmatic belief enshrined in rigidly formulated articles and designed, investigating the missing mary magdalene in islam on - investigating the missing mary magdalene in islam 3 january 2016 98 nakita valerio explores the absence of mary madalene from islamic scripture despite the importance placed on jesus as a significant prophet in the faith, biblical literature new testament apocrypha britannica com - biblical literature new testament apocrypha the title new testament apocrypha may suggest that the books thus classified have or had a status comparable to that of the old testament apocrypha and have been recognized as canonical in a few instances such has been the case but generally these books were accepted only by individual christian writers or by minority heretical groups, messiah christ denial and the seat belt law ebionite com - allan cronshaw was a recent speaker at the conference for consciousness and human evolution in london see speakers allan is an acknowledged scholar mystic and gnostic of unequaled spiritual insight, the key of knowledge brother of yeshua jesus jacob s - the first fatal mistake before logos and the source of the gospel jesus taught that there is one teacher that all sincere believers must seek out and learn from the word prologue literally means before logos and when properly understood christians are being denied access to the indwelling logos because the pagan church of 4 th century rome threw away the key of knowledge resulting